15 Life-Altering Results of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Often we enjoy Christmas more than Easter.  There are many reasons, but in reality Easter is more important.  True that we wouldn’t have one without the other, but here are 15 life-altering results of the resurrection (which we celebrate at Easter) from 1 Corinthians 15. We know that these results are forever valid because Jesus Christ conquered death.
Because Christ rose:

1.  We know that the sharing of the Gospel is not in vain, because it is true and truly effective for all who accept it.

2.  We know that our reliance and confidence in Christ for salvation from hell is not in vain.

3.  We know that we do not have to live a miserable life, even in the face of bleak circumstance and trials.

4.  We know that the results of Adam’s sin, such as evil, sickness, hurt, and harm, are only temporal; and the end for those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ is always victorious.

5.  We know we are legally justified before the Judge of the Heavens and Earth.

6.  We know that the eternal Christ is the eternal substitute who took our punishment before God the Father. Since Jesus has conquered death, there is no chance in eternity that the fact of His substitutionary punishment for us can ever change. We know that we have eternal, secure, abundant life through Jesus Christ.

7.  We know that we have complete forgiveness of our sin, covering for our shame and guilt. We do not have to expect God’s wrath or punishment for our sin.

8.  We know this is the one true God and Savior of mankind, since He is the only God who can claim resurrection from the grave. Although He was most certainly killed by the brutality of Roman crucifixion, since he was God, He rose up from death and lives again. He was seen by over 500 people in various places – people who, for the rest of their lives, testified to seeing the risen Christ bearing the scars of crucifixion.

9.  We know that those who die with faith in Christ are not dead but alive with Him in Heaven. Those who, while living, accept the Gospel will see them again and live with them for eternity.

10. We know there is hope for victory over our temptations, sinful struggles, and spiritual death.

11. We know there is a new body awaiting us in Heaven, a body without the results of sin. This is an immortal body, one with no pain, disease, or sickness. It is a body that never dies or deteriorates.

12. We know that death, that great enemy, is defeated. It is swallowed up in victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

13. We know that, although some Christians are tortured and killed for their faith, our future hope is sure. As an alternate translation of Martin Luther’s hymn states: “And take they our life, goods, fame, child and wife, Let these all be gone, they yet have nothing won; The kingdom ours remaineth.”

14. We know that we can be steadfast and unmovable in our beliefs, conviction, and doctrine.

15. We know that we can be aggressive and encouraged with our service for the Lord, because our labor is not in vain.

Join us this Sunday at First Baptist Church in Plattsmouth, NE as we celebrate this glorious resurrection!  Everyone is welcome, it starts at 11.  Visit mychurchcares.com for more information.