We Walk by Faith, not by Sight

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4 Ways to Honor Your Mom by Pastor Raymond Wicks

This Sunday, we will give recognition to some of the most special people in our lives, our mothers.  My heart is filled with wonderful thoughts and memories of my mother; […]

15 Life-Altering Results of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Often we enjoy Christmas more than Easter.  There are many reasons, but in reality Easter is more important.  True that we wouldn’t have one without the other, but here are 15 […]

Thoughts On Suicide by Pastor Raymond Wicks

  It has become too often that we hear of someone who has decided to take their own life. No matter how close we are to them, we wish we […]

Should My Children Attend Church Camp?

  There are many factors that make Christian camping a positive and valuable experience. All of these experiences are found to some extent in the local church and in other […]

Unselfing Social Media

10 Principles to Guide Our Use of Social Networking        by Paul Chappell Selfie—it was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2013. And it says a lot […]